T(ea) as in Tuesday…

I should have written this a couple of days ago, but the presentation was taking it`s toll on me…

On Tuesday we were allowed to share one great experience and werIMG_1118e served tea and sweets in the traditional tea ceremony! Anyone knowing me, will be aware of how great a thing this was for me, as I love tea and the philosophy behind it and consider it part of my lifestyle…

At Kōgakkan memorial hall we were given a lecture before actually enjoying the ceremony in one of the two traditional tea-rooms (one private, one rather big for IMG_1096lessons and groups) within the great hall. Out lecturer, of the famous Urasenke tradition, gave us an introduction about the origins of tea and how it actually found it`s way to Japan and also the rituals framing the tea ceremony, that if held in full should take some four hours…

It is hard to describe the emotions one encounters during a tea ceremony, beeing served as a welcome guest with kindness and humbleness to anyone who themselves haven`t yet had the chance to enjoy the experience, as it takes one back in times, bringing IMG_1105awareness of the moment and the inner self and surely the sweets and the matcha are a delicious treat…

The ceremony is extremely ritualized and the mastering of the art takes decades, as there is a special ritual for everything from holding a cup or tray, to the handing over of the cup, the preparation of the water and of course the whipping of the matcha powder into a foamy cream-ilke consistency – a skill that actually takes quite some strength of the wrist and forearm, a thing we learnt first-hand, since we ourselves prepared the second cup for the person sitting opposite of us in the tea-IMG_1121room…one great day indeed…

Blessed be!


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